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How we Connect The Dots

Connecting Entrepreneurs, Consumers & Businesses.

Connect The Dots presents opportunities for Entrepreneurs and their businesses to capture & strike potential deals with consumers and other entrepreneurs who are outside of their  personal market. By utilizing a relationship based approach in connecting clients to our diverse business & personal relationships through our D.E.A.L.S. network we are able to facilitate 1st hand business opportunities to our members. Our mission is to reinforce the benefits of relationship building by Connecting The Dots. 

Whether you are focused on providing your services to scale your business, looking for specific industry experts to complete a job, or simply desiring to make connections among business professionals, Creators and Influencer's, we make it happen.

How We Do It

By contracting with experts who we've built relationships with across multiple industries using our D.E.A.L.S network, we are able to leverage their services and make business recommendations to the consumers we encounter daily. Thus providing a more streamlined and personalized marketing approach with warm introductions and direct referrals to our clients. As well as, offering them the ability to expand their marketing reach and exposure to thousands of consumers who are outside of their sphere of influence. 

Benefits of Connectng The Dots


No up front cost! It is free to join as a member. And for all service providing contractors their is no membership costs only a % fee of the service provided to the consumer after we secure the business for you. 

Direct warm referrals.

As business owners we know the value of a solid recommendation and warm business referral. 

Streamlined Marketing

Being able to utilize the resources of another brands market and be recommended to highly qualified consumers and businesses.

Join Our Member Database

Become a part of our network and gain access to our clients and their quality services.

Offer Your Services

Expand your reach and scale your business by connecting with our D.E.A.L.S network.

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